I recently came across this photo of a kitchen Thomas O'brien collaborated on 
and I fell in love with the simplicity/ utilitarianism of his design.

How Fantastic would this be if you have a kitchen that you are less than thrilled with. 
Take off your cabinet doors, add a similar light fixture (IKEA) and keep the color pallet monochromatic. 
Its a simple, inexpensive fix.

An Isamu Noguchi paper lantern hangs above the table. 
The 1930s library table and chairs are by Alvar Aalto. 

Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

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  1. yes -in this age of 'the kitchen' (which I think we'll all look back at this decade as) it's easy to forget that some of the most famous chefs of all time had SIMPLE cheap kitchens. Look at Julia Child's kitchen as an example! It's not the place to spend money for sure.... Generally speaking the fancier the kitchen the less the homeowner cooks!