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Support Local

Ninos, my FAVORITE restaurant is hosting a special event.
Friday October 1, 2010 6:00PM
Organic & Biodynamic Wine Dinner five wines and five courses
Bacon & Onion Tart - Hahn Merlot 2007 Arugula with Mustard Vinaigrette - Fortress Sauvignon Blanc 2008 Butternut Squash Ravioli - Hedges CMS Red 2007 Roasted Cornish Hen - Hahn Meritage 2007 Poached Pears - Montinore Sweet Reserve Riesling 2008
Reservations Required $60 per person.
Support a great, family owned restaurant! ...

Hans J. Wegner

My favorite chair.... in fun new colors THE WISHBONE

Selldorf Architects



block & tackle

Block & Tackle Keychain Available at Brook Farm General Store (in limited quantity)
"A vintage brass block and tackle keychain from an old marine shop that produced these in the 1970s. We liked these so much, we bought all that they had left"



I generally HATE all options for pencil containers and desk accessories. These however are wonderful!
each piece is hand made by Romi Ceramics in New York


tom ford

Tom Ford Eyewear Fall/Winter 2010.11



Marine Hugonnier I posted some of her work awhile ago, but its just too good not to do again! I would love one of these above my bed... and sofa... and in my foyer. (and maybe my dining room)


Byrd & Belle

Byrd & Belle the PERFECT case
hand made in Minnesota

iPhone iPad MacBook ...

happy 4th

Happy 4th of July! spend it with family, friends, and people you love! (i spent mine at the lake)