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christopher boffoli

Big Appetites: Miniature People Living in a World of Giant Food. by: christopher boffoli


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Collective Effort

for a world-traveling executive,  a house in New Jersey provides a relaxing escape from the stresses of city life –   and a surprisingly sophisticated setting for his global treasures.



tim barber photography
something about these photos makes me think of summer, and america, and my childhood.  they feel familiar, like photos i would find in a shoebox at my grandparents house.



i have fallen in love with black walls. clean, modern, moody... and what a great background for your art collection

all photos from pinterest


I haven't been a great blogger as of lately, i'd like to apologize for that.  it's hard to find time Elliott and I are building a new house, i've been busy at work,  my parents just got done building their new home + they paid for me to go to design school = free interior designer for life.  Not to mention my brother and sister in law just bought a mid century ranch... things are hectic. 
i promise to start blogging again!  ive got lots of great things to blog about.  keep checking back
in the mean time, if you would like to keep up with things that I LOVE.. you can follow my pinterest at:


orchids make everything better

I love all flowers, but there is just something about an orchid that makes a space feel complete. Elliott brought this home for me today and I had just the spot for it, Here's a photo