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Kate Spade... take two

In honor of my mothers birthday [she LOVES Kate Spade], I thought I would post part II of her NYC apartment. [part I here]...
Happy Birthday, Mom!



have you been looking for vintage inspired eyewear? better question... have you been looking for affordable vintage inspired eyewear? if you said yes, then i may have found the place for you... Warby Parker. Its this great little eyewear company based out of New York City.
So now that you've found your dream glasses how do you get them? Live in Ohio? Its pretty unlikely that you'll fly to New York to pick them up.
The nice thing about Warby Parker is their home try-on program. for $95 you select your 5 favorite frames. They will then send you your chosen 5 to try on at home, you pick your favorite, send all five back and they will then fill your prescription and send it back to you.
all for just $95! and for every pair you purchase they will donate a pair to a person in need.
Pretty awesome concept if you ask me.


sydney home

Sarah Cottier [gallerist], Ashley Barber [photographer & gallery director] and their daughter Ruby at their Sydney home