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Pigeon toe

Pigeon Toe Ceramics


AERO hampton

"Who knew that a Norman Jaffe house in Bridgehampton, New York, had a hidden French '40s side? Thomas O'Brien..."


planisphere chart

thomas o'brien is hands down the best american designer out there. since high school he has been a great source of inspiration (actually, the biggest source of my inspiration) and one thing that always stuck out to me in his apartment (besides the blue table lamp, which I happen to own) was the image above his desk.

I am happy to say that I found a versionof it at Restoration Hardware. I wonder if there were inspired by TOB as well?

rest in peace


Graduation gift to myself

I have been a HUGE fan of the Marc Jacobs ads for quite some time (as you can see from my previous post). Each month I go to Borders and buy that months issue of Vogue, simply to tear out the ad and add it to my collection.
While I was working on my senior thesis, it was my monthly ritual, and my "inspiration wall" was ever evolving.

On a trip to Boston and a very long stop at the Marc Jacobs store, I was excited to find the JUERGEN TELLER book of all the Marc Jacobs ads from 1998-2009.
Needless to say, I bought the only one they had!
If you enjoy these ads as much as I do,
I highly recommend it! and its available here