AERO hampton

"Who knew that a Norman Jaffe
house in Bridgehampton, New York,
had a hidden French '40s side?
Thomas O'Brien..."


the journey of inspiration

"you have to be inspired, otherwise we will get bored"


planisphere chart

thomas o'brien is hands down the best american designer out there.
since high school he has been a great source of inspiration (actually, the biggest source of my inspiration) and one thing that always stuck out to me in his apartment (besides the blue table lamp, which I happen to own) was the image above his desk.

I am happy to say that I found a version of it at Restoration Hardware.
I wonder if there were inspired by TOB as well?



Graduation gift to myself

I have been a HUGE fan of the Marc Jacobs ads for quite some time (as you can see from my previous post). Each month I go to Borders and buy that months issue of Vogue, simply to tear out the ad and add it to my collection.

While I was working on my senior thesis, it was my monthly ritual, and my "inspiration wall" was ever evolving.

On a trip to Boston and a very long stop at the Marc Jacobs store, I was excited to find the
JUERGEN TELLER book of all the Marc Jacobs ads from 1998-2009.

Needless to say, I bought the only one they had!

If you enjoy these ads as much as I do,
I highly recommend it! and its available here