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The talented Mr. Cobb

Grant R Cobb

Portfolio Blog

5th Ave

Lord & Taylor NYC

Photos:A Design Affair


The Standard Grill NYC A floor paved in pennies and a subway-tiled vaulted ceiling


Paul Smith for Evian


Each time we face the blank canvas, we begin with the question, who am I? The answer comes to us when we let it flow through us - trusting our creative work to a deeper way of knowing. When people say, “I feel stuck, out of ideas…nothing’s coming to mind,” perhaps they’re looking in the wrong place. The more we think about inspiration, the more elusive it becomes. Some of us exhaust ourselves and give up all together. Others seek the path of respectability with options limited by fixed standards of ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ But what if creative ideas are not about thinking things up or getting it right? What if there are no mistakes, and creativity is not something we learn ‘out there’ but something we unleash from within as we acknowledge the endless supply of images waiting there? No one will give you permission; you must take it: This is what I need to do in this moment. Every honest mark made without judgment or fear is a revelation. The work unfolds from trust in the movement;…


Designing a room is like hosting a good party. Gather different, interesting characters and let them mingle.