Silkeborg - Ikea turkish rug

Incase you don't already know, Ikea has a great new (limited) rug collection out! 
Its called Silkeborg and you won't find it on their website (at least in the US).

Silkeborg rugs are made from vintage Turkish rugs that have been cut up (to save the good parts), dyed, shaved down and then sewn back together to form a one of a kind piece! 

I encourage you to go check them out! 
The quality is fantastic and prices are untouchable! 

Below is a photo of the display I did the for Pittsburgh store.

And one of the little guys I picked up for under my kitchen sink.

Let me know what you think after you've seen them in person! 



  1. Hello Greg:

    How lovely these rugs look to be and what a splendid way in which to recycle vintage Turkish rugs and carpets which are past their best.

    We have yet to see these [unlikely in Budapest] but will certainly look out for them when we are next in the United Kingdom.

  2. I stumbled across these on my last trip to Ikea and couldn't believe my eyes! I got a muted 6x9 for my living room. Love it!