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Thomas O'brien's Office Decoration Philosophies

  • Give 'em something to talk about: "I use the things around the conference room as talking points when discussing projects with clients. So you need shelf space and things you love. It's about having things people will find intriguing."
  • Be practical: "When I'm working with a client on his office's interior, we start with "Where are you using your computer and how?" There are presidents of companies who still work the same way they did in fourth grade. You have to take the time to think about how your computer is integrated."
  • Don't be shy: "It's not about hiding electronics. The equipment is today's industrial design. It's beautiful! Incorporate it into the space.:
  • Make it you own: "In a small office, there's personal stuff. Gifts people have given me. A letter from my grandmother. A picture of my dad and my grandfather. Just odd, special bits and a great Irving Pen."
  • Go Horizontal: "The big table is the most important thing in my conference room. Nobody uses their conference and dining rooms, but I tell people; Use a table. Spread out."


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Silkeborg - Ikea turkish rug

Incase you don't already know, Ikea has a great new (limited) rug collection out!  Its called Silkeborg and you won't find it on their website (at least in the US).
Silkeborg rugs are made from vintage Turkish rugs that have been cut up (to save the good parts), dyed, shaved down and then sewn back together to form a one of a kind piece! 
I encourage you to go check them out!  The quality is fantastic and prices are untouchable! 

Below is a photo of the display I did the for Pittsburgh store.
And one of the little guys I picked up for under my kitchen sink.

Let me know what you think after you've seen them in person! 


The Whitby Hotel

My love for hotels started when I was 11.   My family moved overseas and I was lucky enough to stay at some amazing hotels in London, Oman and Dubai.   
Recently I discovered Firmadel Hotels on Instagram (@firmdale_hotels) and I have since become OBSESSED.  They have hotels in New York and London and today I want to share photos of one of their New York Locations.  The Whitby Hotel.   Located at: 18 W 56th Street New York, NY 10019
Below are photos of Lobby:  The lobby is light and bring with soaring glass windows and striking artwork. 

The Drawing Room: The drawing room is a sumptuous and colorful residents lounge with an elegant fireplace, bespoke library collection, original artwork and honesty bar.  The fireplace is Greek, mid 18th century style and features garlands of leaves and acorns tied by ribbon, representing peace, prosperity and longevity. 
drawing room
drawing room
drawing room

North Fork, Long Island

I know summer is almost upon us... I just couldn't resist posting these photos. When I'm asked to envision a weekend house in my head, this is what I see. 
Derrick Miller and Jennifer Vaughn Miller North Fork, Long Island

The Selby

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