Wishing You a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


miles end delicatessen

Brooklyn, New York
97a hoyt street


christmas playlist

I don't start listening to Christmas music until a week before (I do not want to ruin it).
Here is my playlist.
New additions this year are two remixes by Kaskade.

here are links to free downloads of each. I recommend Mistletoe and Holly if you had to choose one.



Happy First Day of Winter!


christian chaize

I've admired these photos for years and have finally found the photographer!
Christian Chaize, a self-taught French artist, lives and works in Lyon, France. For the past 20 years he has had a successful career in commercial photography.

The photos are of a small stretch of coastline in southern Portugal.
He became obsessed with it while vacationing there in 2004... (lucky for me)

I would love one above my bed in a high-gloss white frame


don't you just love the holidays...

I'd like everything from this ad.
the jeep. the wardrobe. the plaid.


louis vuitton

Sofia Coppola
for Louis Vuitton


summer please come back

Watching the Sofia Coppola movie trailer (post below) made these images pop into mind.
The scene where they are underwater reminded me of last summer.
My brother bought an under-water camera and we had some fun.
I like the quality and lighting of the images

I know the snow just started... but it doesn't hurt to wish.

photos (top to bottom): my cousin, my brother, and me


sofia coppola

Sofia Coppola is my favorite director, so it should come as no surprise that I cant wait to see this film
I love her aesthetic.... The smoky, dreamy, vintage feel
The Virgin Suicides and Maria Antoinette were amazing in all aspects... Set design, film quality, Sound track. (music makes the film in my opinion)
I have high expectation and I am sure I wont be disappointed