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our new house

On January 16th, 2018 Elliott and I became homeowners!   After 10 years in our condo it was time... we wanted more space, a yard and no HOA.   We were looking  for years but nothing was right.  A friend of mine made us aware that this house had a for-sale-by-owner sign and in the process found out that my dads co-worker was the owner... lucky for us he recently acquired it with the purchase of a different house (in order to get the house he wanted this house he had to purchase this house as part of the deal) and he wanted nothing to do with this one so we jumped at it!  as is. with no inspection. eek!   The house was built in 1910 and was vacant for 7 years before we got it. 

Ive been wanting to document this process all along (which i do on instagram @: ggpiccini) but life happens and i get busy... We had to get our condo ready to hit the market (two mortgages is no fun), which we did (and it sold in 3 days!) and we had to get this house livable.  

So far we've:
Replaced the water, sewage and gas lines. 
Fixed the copper flashing and slate roof. 
New power supply and breaker panel 
Recapped the chimneys
new AC's and Furnaces 
All new appliances 
plaster work galore 
converted a bedroom into a walk in closet 
a quick update to the kitchen (new counters, sink, faucet, hardware, lighting and appliances).  I want to take a wall down so this is a full renovation a few years down the road. 
new vanities and toilets in the bathrooms (again bigger project down the road). 
Paint and light fixtures. 
Got the garage doors up and running 
installed an alarm system (i like that the smoke detectors are in direct contact with the fire department and they will come if we are not home). 

Here are some of the before and progress photos. 

The first day we owned the house it snowed.. like a lot.  
We will own a snow blower this winter ! 

I plan on documenting our projects and process.  Please follow along! 


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